The Benefits of Video in Marketing are HUGE!

Being a ‘Digital Marketing Agency’ we’re going to say this . . . but let’s get the facts on the table: – 81% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool– Mobile video views rise by over 100% every year– YouTube is the second most popular website– Social Media posts with video have 48% more views– Facebook has over 8 billion video views per day– Video campaigns on LinkedIn have 50% view rates– Video increases organic search traffic by 157%– 85% of consumers want more video from brands . . . we could go on, and on, but I think we’ve set the scene.

Our Latest Video Showreel . . .

Over the years we’ve enjoyed working with some of the biggest brands available, and have produced content that we’re proud to showcaseThese companies are well established brands with budgets for large productions . . . but, this doesn’t mean that professional video production needs to be inaccessible to others.

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Videos in Digital Marketing

OK, so video is key, but what are the various ways in which video content can be delivered? Being such a flexible channel, content can be used to assist in a huge variety of applications such as: – Explainers– Presentations– Video Blogs– Ads– Product Videos– Interviews– Social Posts– How-To Videos– Live Streams GREAT . . . but I don’t have the resources, skills or budget to compete in this ever-growing arena” I hear you say . . . well, that’s where things are about to change.

Our Monthly Video Production Packages

Living up to the ‘No Bull’ promise, we sat down, stripped things back and are now excited to offer a video production service that delivers top quality video content for a more affordable and accessible price point.-=-=-=-=-=-=-Click each for more info:

Help Me Package - £1,200

For those who are realising the importance of video, but just want to dip their toe in the water.

Half a day filmingHalf a day filming
1 x 60 second promo video1 x 60 second promo video
1 x 30 second promo video1 x 30 second promo video
£1,200 a month (excluding travel expenses)£1,200 a month (excluding travel expenses)

Standard Package - £1,400

For many, our 'Standard Package' strikes the right balance between video production and budget.

Half a day filmingHalf a day filming
1 x 60 second promo video1 x 60 second promo video
2 x 30 second promo videos2 x 30 second promo videos
£1,400 a month (excluding travel expenses)£1,400 a month (excluding travel expenses)

Sheriff Package - £1,800

WOW! You are ready to own the town! With this package you can release a new video every week.

1 day filming1 day filming
1 x 60 second promo video1 x 60 second promo video
3 x 30 second promo videos3 x 30 second promo videos
£1,800 a month (excluding travel expenses)£1,800 a month (excluding travel expenses)

Commitment Works Both Ways

We offer our video production packages on a 3, 6 or 12 month commitment, this helps us form a relationship with our clients and an in depth understanding of the business. But it's not all about us . . . the higher your level of commitment, the more we give . . .-=-=-=-=-=-=-Click each for more info:

3 Month Commitment

Just long enough for us to show you just how good our video production is

A firm handshake and perhaps a drink down the local . . . A firm handshake and perhaps a drink down the local . . .

6 Month Commitment

Working together we'll see your business reach new levels

1 x Bonus Video (60 seconds)1 x Bonus Video (60 seconds)

12 Month Commitment

We're pretty sure we'd of been on a fantastic journey together and will have a clear view of the future

2 x Bonus Videos (60 seconds each)2 x Bonus Videos (60 seconds each)
Let's Work Together

Let's Work Together

If you are looking for high-end video production at an affordable price, please get in touch to arrange a free, no obligation, vision session where we can sit down and discuss your requirements.Note: Is your business based in Northamptonshire? We continue to support our local community and offer a 10% discount on the above for applicable customers

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